Monday, August 22, 2016

NBA Cavs vs Knicks Live Telecast, Score, Highlights (2016-2017 Season) Info

NBA Season 2016 - 2017 New York Knicks vs Cleveland Cavaliers Game is always a good game to watch for the fans. We will enjoy this basketball match between two of the teams of National Basketball Association League.
Cavs vs Knicks Live stream, Telecast, Score, Highlights

Now, without wasting too much time, let's take a look of the important details about the game.

NBA New York Knicks vs Cleveland Cavaliers 2016-2017 Game Info 

  • Game:- Cavs vs Knicks
  • Date:- 25th of October 2016
  • Day:- Tuesday
  • Time:- 8:00 PM ET
Now, if you are looking for the Cavs vs Knicks Live stream, TV telecast and live score details, then scroll down to check the info.

How to Watch Cavs vs Knicks Live TV & Online Telecast ?

  • TV Telecast:- TNT
You can watch New York Knicks vs Cleveland Cavaliers Game in TNT TV network without any problem.
WatchESPN is the place to enjoy live stream of Cavs and Knicks Games, on both Desktop and mobile.

Fore more on this, you can go through this post:- "How to Watch NBA Games Online (NBA Live Telecast) for Free ?".

You may also go through this article:- List of NBA Broadcasters Worldwide | Europe | America | Asia.

How to Get NBA 2016 - 2017 New York vs Cleveland Live Score?

There are multiple places where you can get live NBA scores, but here are some legit places, where you can do so.
  • ESPN:-
  • NBC:-
  • CBS Sports:-
  • Check More Sources Here:- Top 5 Sites to Get Live NBA scores online
Personally, we like to use ESPN for the live scorecard of each every game of NBA, but in the end it's your choice.

Now, if you are  looking for Game Highlights source, then it will be provided once the game will be over. And if you want to watch the reply or highlights on TV, then you can do it on TNT.

In the end, if you have any more question about Cavs vs Knicks 2016 Game, then don't hesitate to ask via comments.
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Sunday, August 21, 2016

NBA 2016-2017 Schedule with PDF File

If you are here to get the NBA 2016-2017 Schedule, then you will not leave disappointed as you will get the full NBA Regular season Schedule. The Playoff and Finals Schedule will be available here as soon as it gets announced after teams qualifications..

NBA 2016-2017 Schedule

But as for now, you can this full NBA schedule as the regular season starts from 25th of October 2016 and will end on 11 April 2017. So, good luck for a big long season.

NBA 2016-2017 Schedule PDF File

Below is the PDF files of NBA 2016-2017 schedule. Just click on the links to open PDF in new window.
If in any case, above link doesn't work, then you can this replacement links to download the file:- NBA Schedule PDF.

Alternatively, to make things easier for our readers, we have also embedded the PDF, which you can look by scrolling down a bit.

You may also like to read:-


So, this ends our post on NBA 2016-2017 Schedule. Now, if you have nay question regarding NBA, then you can comment below. Also, you can bookmark this page for latest NBA news and Scores details.
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Saturday, August 20, 2016

How to Watch NBA Games Live without Cable ?

There are number of People who are crazy for NBA in US, and that's completely understandable as it is one of the leading sports leagues around the world.

Now coming on to the point, there are many NBA fans who don't have Cable subscription, either they do not want to pay for the subscription or they are not able to get due any particular reason.

Watch NBA Games Live without Cable

In that case, you can still watch NBA Games Live without any Cable, just follow this guide and you will find multiple ways to do so.

4 Ways to Watch NBA Games without Cable:-

  1. Sling TV
  2. Playstation Vue
  3. Antenna
  4. WatchESPN App

#1 Sling TV offers Cheapest Packages 

With Sling TV you can watch all games of NBA as they provide channels like ESPN, TNT, ABC, etc. which offers NBA Games live telecast all over US.

It will just cost you around $20 for the basic package and $5 for additional sports package Add-on, but you can go for the 7 day Trial, when you sign up for Sling TV, to test out their services and can enjoy 7 days of NBA live action totally.

Once you get fully satisfied, then you go for their monthly subscription which is very cheap as compared to cable subscription.

You can read more about this here:- How to Watch NBA Games Live with Sling TV?

#2 Playstation Vue - another option to watch NBA without Cable

It is quite Similar to Sling TV as it offers all the popular channels which will broadcast NBA Games. If we try to differentiate Playstation Vue from Sling TV, then we can say it offers more channels, but it also costs more money as their basic pack starts from $29.

And also, Playstation Vue support to multiple products lacks, as it only supports PlayStation, Amazon Fire TV, iOS and Chromecast. 

Additionally, there will be some limitations when you will try watching NBA games live from your Mobile Phones.

#3 Indoor TV Antenna

If you live in area where Antenna can catch the free-to-air signal of ABC network TV station, but you might need a good Antenna, which you can get by going through this superb guide.

#4 WatchESPN App

This is one of the simplest ways to watch NBA live streaming on your Mobile as you just need to download the watchESPN App and then enter your Sling TV credentials to enjoy the live action.

Now, you can read this post (How to Get NBA Scores Live online) to Know the NBA Live Scores and if you face any problem while watching NBA Games Live without any Cable, then you can contact us for help.
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List of NBA Broadcasters Worldwide | Europe | America | Asia

NBA being one of the biggest sports leagues in the world and the best Basketball Tournament, watched all over the world. It has fans in many countries, of Europe, Asia and Of course, America.

But still there are many people are not aware of NBA Official Broadcasters in their own country. SO, here we are listing the list channels which have won broadcasting rights for whole NBA season in that particular country.

List of NBA Broadcasters Worldwide

So, let's take a look of the list.

NBA Broadcasters Worldwide List 2016-2017

Note:- The channels are listed with the country in which they will telecast all the games of NBA season 2016-2017.

NBA North America Broadcasting Rights

  • United States: ABC, ESPN, ESPN 2, TNT, NBA TV
  • Mexico: ESPN Latin America, America Movil (Claro Sports), NBA TV International
  • CARICOM: ESPN Latin America
If you are living in United States, then you must be a fan of Basketball, so you can enjoy all the matches of NBA on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, TNT and NBA TV.

NBA South America Broadcasters List

  • UNASUR: ESPN Latinoamérica (Two Games per Week)
  • Brazil: ESPN Brasil (Two Games per Week from NBA on ESPN) and SporTV
  • Argentina: DeporTV (Two or Three games per Week), NBA TV International (One or Two games per Day), ESPN Latinoamérica (Two Games per Week), DIRECTV Sports (One or Two Games per Week)

NBA Europe Broadcasting Channels

  • United Kingdom: BT Sport
  • France: beIN Sports
  • Italy: Sky Sport
  • Poland: Canal+ Sport
  • Portugal: Sport TV
  • Kosovo: Kujtesa
  • Serbia: Sport Klub
  • Croatia: Sport Klub
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sport Klub
  • Montenegro: Sport Klub
  • Macedonia: Sport Klub
  • Slovenia: Sport Klub
  • Romania: Dolce Sport

NBA Middle East and North Africa Telecast

  • Arab League: beIN Sports
If you live in Middle East or North Africa, then you can watch NBA Games on beIN Sports.

NBA Asia Live TV Broadcasting

  • India: Sony SIX (Daily Two Matches)
  • Indonesia: RTV (Season 2016-17)
  • Malaysia: Astro SuperSport
  • South Korea: SPOTV2
  • Philippines: Basketball TV, NBA Premium TV (Some Matches), ABS-CBN (One Game per Week), ABS-CBN Sports and Action (Three Games per Week, During Christmas and New Year Holidays, 13 matches for 2 weeks), Fox Sports Philippines (Two, Three or Four Games per Week), Myx (Five Games per Week, During Christmas and New Year Holidays) (only aired on Free TV except for cable and affiliate stations until 2017)
  • Thailand: TrueVisions (TrueSport HD Broadcast 4 Games/week and NBA TV International)
In India, Fans can watch daily two NBA Game son Sony Six and in Philippines, fans can enjoy live action on multiple channels, but we will recommend you the basketball TV to enjoy all matches.

NBA Oceania Broadcasters List

  • Australia: ESPN
  • New Zealand: ESPN
In both Australia & New Zealand, ESPN will broadcast the whole NBA season live and also highlights of the games will be available for all the basketball Fans.

If you like to watch the NBA live Streaming, then you can read this post (How to Watch NBA Games Online (NBA Live Telecast) for Free) or you can even this one for NBA scores (How to Get NBA Scores Live online). These will help you get maximum possible info.

But if you still feeling confused or you haven't found the name of your country in this list of NBA broadcasters, then comment below and we will provide you the name of channel which will be broadcasting NBA season 2016-2017 in your country.
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How to Watch NBA Games Live with Sling TV?

To watch NBA Games live Telecast in US, Sling TV is one of the best options available and it is also the cheapest option, if you don't want to spend money on Cable subscription.

But still there are many people who are not aware of it and there are many who don't know, How to watch NBC with Sling TV.


So, here all of you will get the step by step guide.

Watch NBA Live Telecast with Sling TV in just 2 Steps:-

As we all know, Sling TV has multiple channels available in their different packages, which will telecast almost all the games of NBA. So, if you want to be the part of the action, then follow these steps.

Step 1 : Opt for Free 7 Day Trial on Sling TV

Sling TV offers a 7 day Trial ( period to all their new users. So, just sign up for the Trail and star enjoy their services with the basic package, which includes Channels like ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 (offers simulcasts of all ABC games), and TNT.

All these Channels cover majority NBA Game each year. So, once you like the the services of Sling TV during the trail period, you can go for monthly subscription of their Basic Package which will just cost $20-$25 per month, which is nothing, when compared to your Cable Subscription.

Step 2:- Add Sports Package worth $5 (Optional)

To watch the games being aired on ESPNews, you can add Sports Package to your basic plan which will cost you just $5 per month. But this is totally optional,

So, these are the ways to watch the NBA live streaming via the Sling TV in just 2 simple Steps.

If you face any problem while following these steps, then don't hesitate to comment.

Now, let's checkout the basic features of Sling TV, which make sit the best option to watch NBA games online.

Sling TV Key Features:-

  • Very Affordable :- Their Packages starts from $20 Per Month, which is not at all costly.
  • Support Multiple Devices :- Supports Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, iOS phones and tablets, Android phones and tablets, and computers. 
  • Watch Live Telecast on the Go:- With Sling TV you can even watch games while traveling.
  • Monthly Subscription:- You can cancel anytime.
  • Free 7 Day Trail:- A whole week for free NBA live Telecast.
So, overall Sling TV is the best option for NBA live telecast. Now go for it without giving any second thought. Enjoy the NBA Games. Cheers.
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Friday, August 19, 2016

How to Get NBA Scores Live online

Hey Readers, welcome back on this nba news unofficial blog. Today I am writing a post on NBA scores, because I know many of you are looking to get Live scores online, but you are not aware, How to do it.

Well, it's a very simple process, you just need to pen those websites which are providing live scorecard of all the matches, but there are many sites which are providing fake things. So, that's why knowing about those genuine sites are really important. So, in the post we will write down a list of sites providing Real time NBA scores. You will not need to wait to get scores of your favorite match.

So, let's go.

Read:- How to Watch NBA Games Online (nba live streaming) for Free

NBA scores Live online

Top 5 Sites to Get Live NBA scores online

You will find many sites online while searching on search engine, but only few of them are genuine and official. So, I will list all the official (Genuine sites) which are offering live NBA scores. So, let's take a look.


One of the well known sites providing live scores for basketball lovers. You will surely love it. They provide scorecard day by day and it is real time. In simple words, scores are updated after every minute. So, you will get to know the state of the match very quickly.


To Open ESPN site, just copy paste the list given above on your browser and you are done.

2. Yahoo

Yahoo is another site which provides live nba scores. it is one of the best sites and are very popular among basketball fans. They are doing this from years and that's why people love their service of real time scorecard.


To open Yahoo site, just copy paste link given above in your mobile device or desktop browser and hit Enter.

3. CBS Sports

One more site providing day by day scorecard. You just need to open it and you are done. They will provide all the information regarding every match played.


Don't he same thing as I told in previous point. Just copy this link and past it in your browser to get scores.

4. Fox Sports

One more channel covering full basketball matches. They provide real time Scores of all the NBA matches played in every season. Every information provided by them is accurate.


I don't think, I need to explain it again. Copy the link given and paste it in your browser.

5. NBC Sports

If you are not satisfied with this above given 4 sites, then this is the another site for you where you can get live nba scores online. Just open it and enjoy.


So, that's it with the post. I hope you got what you have been looking for. I will expect a positive feedback via comments. But, in case, you didn't like this content, then negative feedback also welcomed. So, that I can improve your experience on this site in future. Cheers.

Read:- How to Watch nba live streaming for Free

Enjoy the NBA Live Scores. Cheers.
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How to Watch NBA Games Online (NBA Live Telecast) for Free

Hey Buddies, Welcome on this NBA news blog. Today I am sharing some ways to watch NBA Games Online or I should say nba live streaming free from home or your office. I know you are getting difficult in watching your favorite nba, but after reading this article, you will not get any difficult. But before getting the details, I will have a little talk. As you know, life is getting busy day by day, which means you are not able to watch your favorite teams games, which is not a good thing if we think about your entertainment. But, now onwards, that entertainment will get back to your life, because the tutorial we are sharing today will provide all ways to watch nba games online, we will not leave a single source. So, without wasting too much time, I will begin with the tutorial.

How to Watch NBA Games Online (nba live streaming) for Free

Ways to Watch NBA Games Live Online Telecast for free (United States)

Well, these are bunch of ways available online, but we will only share the top ways which are safe for you. So, let's begin.


You must know ESPN, they are world top sports broadcasters. They broadcast almost every sport from different countries. When it comes to NBA, they broadcast it on ESPN and ESPN 2. these are two channels which you can watch online, without doing anything extra.  You can even open their channels on your mobile devices, if you have the flash player. But wait, to watch your favorite games on ESPN, you need to enter account information of any supported cable operators. Without adding, you will not be able to watch. Once you enter correct information, you will have full access to nba games on ESPN. Now, I will move on to our next source.

2. TNT

It is another source to watch NBA, but it is not the daily broadcaster, they just broadcast games on weekends or I should say one or two games on Thursday or sometimes one game on Monday, Tuesday. But in simple, they are not braiding this game daily. Also, like our first source, you need to enter your cable operator information here too, because they will only let you watch nba streaming once your enter code from a valid and supported cable operator.

3. ABC

You can enjoy all the matches of NBA including NBA all Star Game, Playoffs, Finals and Regular Season Games on ABC Online TV. You can even watch games live streaming on your TV sets, so ABC is a good choice to enjoy the live action of NBA.

How to Watch NBA Live Telecast in Canada?


NBA TV is the home of Basketball in Canada. You can contact your Cable operator to know who you can subscribe to NBA TV or you can even watch the online live stream. Just search it on Google and you will be able to watch it.

And for any query regarding this, you can sue our comment section.

Should you watch NBA Live streaming online on unofficial sites?

Well, it's your choice, but those sites are unofficial and are not that safe. So, i will advise all of you to go for official sites, which needs your cable operator information. But, in the end, it's your choice. You can do whatever you want to do.

So, bye! Bye! for today, Stay tuned on this blog for more on NBA.
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