How to Get NBA Scores Live online

This post outlines latest ways to get live NBA scores online. Just open this post and get live scores of NBA Playoffs, Regular Season Games, All Star Game & NBA Finals.

Hey Readers, welcome back on this nba news unofficial blog. Today I am writing a post on NBA scores, because I know many of you are looking to get Live scores online, but you are not aware, How to do it.

Well, it's a very simple process, you just need to pen those websites which are providing live scorecard of all the matches, but there are many sites which are providing fake things. So, that's why knowing about those genuine sites are really important. So, in the post we will write down a list of sites providing Real time NBA scores. You will not need to wait to get scores of your favorite match.

So, let's go.

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NBA scores Live online

Top 5 Sites to Get Live NBA scores online

You will find many sites online while searching on search engine, but only few of them are genuine and official. So, I will list all the official (Genuine sites) which are offering live NBA scores. So, let's take a look.


One of the well known sites providing live scores for basketball lovers. You will surely love it. They provide scorecard day by day and it is real time. In simple words, scores are updated after every minute. So, you will get to know the state of the match very quickly.


To Open ESPN site, just copy paste the list given above on your browser and you are done.

2. Yahoo

Yahoo is another site which provides live nba scores. it is one of the best sites and are very popular among basketball fans. They are doing this from years and that's why people love their service of real time scorecard.


To open Yahoo site, just copy paste link given above in your mobile device or desktop browser and hit Enter.

3. CBS Sports

One more site providing day by day scorecard. You just need to open it and you are done. They will provide all the information regarding every match played.


Don't he same thing as I told in previous point. Just copy this link and past it in your browser to get scores.

4. Fox Sports

One more channel covering full basketball matches. They provide real time Scores of all the NBA matches played in every season. Every information provided by them is accurate.


I don't think, I need to explain it again. Copy the link given and paste it in your browser.

5. NBC Sports

If you are not satisfied with this above given 4 sites, then this is the another site for you where you can get live nba scores online. Just open it and enjoy.


So, that's it with the post. I hope you got what you have been looking for. I will expect a positive feedback via comments. But, in case, you didn't like this content, then negative feedback also welcomed. So, that I can improve your experience on this site in future. Cheers.

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Enjoy the NBA Live Scores. Cheers.

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